2018 Health & Fitness Goals

Happy New Year Everyone! 2017 is over and done with and 2018 is here in all it’s glory. I’m looking forward to all the good this year has in store for me. May this year bring you good tidings and bring you closer to your dreams. I can’t believe we are gradually getting closer to 2020.

It’s normal for a new year to come with resolutions, wishlists and goals we hope to have achieved by the end of the year. It’s always a good thing to plan ahead and push yourself cos it helps you achieve more. Even if you don’t believe in resolutions, you can pick one thing and ensure you get it done.

Without further rants, here are my health&fitness goals for 2018;

1. Join the gym

2. Do more squats

3. Do more yoga

4. Drink more water

5. Drink more tea

6. Eat more fruit

7. Do a 10km run

8. Organize a group run

9. Try to love quinoa

10. Create more tea recipes

11. Do more abs workouts

12. Workout at the beach

13. Do a 24 hour fast one day of the week by the end of the year I’d have done 52 days

14. Try to bid bread goodbye- this is gonna be hard

15. Work with health & fitness brands

Do you have any Health & Fitness goals for the year?

Do you think I’m missing something on my list?

Let me know in the comments.

Mariam Shittu.

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