Holiday Fever

Been waiting all year
For the holidays to come by
A time for family and togetherness
With smiles and happy cheers

It’s time to go shopping
For the special holiday treats
A time I clear my bank account
With presents and holiday treats

The Christmas tree is up
Let the holidays begin
A time for celebration and special occasions
With lots to eat and drink

It’s time to catch up on the year
With everyone far and near
A time for reflection and appreciation
Thank God I have a date this year

The holidays are moving fast
We’re gonna enjoy it while it lasts
Getting ready for the new year
And all the joy it’ll bring

Written by Mariam Shittu

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!

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Hi, my name is Mariam. I write about my style, lifestyle, health and fitness, things that inspire me and poetry. I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I derive pleasure in sharing my knowledge with the world and I plan to publish a book of poetry soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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