Life Update| February, 2022

Hello, hope February is being good to you.

It’s the end of the third week in February. A lot, or maybe enough, has not happened. You had plans for the month, and you have ticked some off your list, or you haven’t ticked any off. You wish you could get a do-over, or the month has been awesome so far. Yeah, there’s always good and bad. Not only good and not only bad.

February 2022 has been fast. Well, for me, it’s been. I’ve had some yeses and a couple of nos. I’ve been stuck, confused and worried. I’ve been overwhelmed, lazy and also tired. I’ve been happy, and I’ve also been sad. I’ve also been in pain; physical and mental. I got my ear pierced again and I think I’m finally done this time. A lot has happened already, and the month hasn’t ended.

I’ve struggled with my fitness goals and spent more time on Netflix than with books. I’m crazy busy at work but making steady progress with our plans for the year. My financial plans are shaky because compulsory expenses won’t let me breathe. I’ve written a good amount of blog posts and poems for social media to keep the momentum, and this keeps me going.

The month of love has brought me a whole lot of love. I’ve been loved on by my friends, family and even strangers. Valentine’s day was special and memorable, I shared a Places in Lagos post, but I didn’t write a poem this year. I’ve been making up for it by posting strictly loved up poems on Instagram since then.

If your February hasn’t turned out how you imagined it, don’t worry too much because it isn’t over yet. And even if it’s shit till it ends, March is on its way with new tidings.

If you want to Netflix and chill this weekend, check out Ozark and Inventing Anna. They’re both brilliant.

Stay sane.

Mariam Shittu

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