Travel|10 Fun Or Not Facts About Accra, Ghana

I travelled to Ghana during the first week of the year for a wedding. It wasn’t my first time in Ghana as I had visited twice before. The first time I ever went to Ghana, I was in secondary school. It was for a French excursion by road. We travelled to Lome, Togo for a week and spent only a day in Ghana.

The second time was for a family weekend getaway I almost didn’t make because I didn’t realize my passport had expired. I remember going to the mall, Kumasi market and club hopping all through the night. This time around though, everything seemed different. I guess it’s because I’m a lot older and able to appreciate traveling better.



As usual when I travel outside my state or country of residence, I write a travel post. So get ready for fun or not facts about Accra, Ghana below;

1.It is really HOT:

This should have come as no shock to me because I live in Nigeria and it’s hot 95% of the time but the heat in Accra is different. The sun is different too. You don’t realize how hot it is until you either start dripping in sweat or have a proper look at your skin and realize how tan it is. Let’s just say I got three shades darker in three days and I didn’t spend all the hours in the sun.

2.Ghana is The 4th Location on CNN Travel’s 19 places To Visit in 2019

CNN published this while I was in Ghana so it was exciting. Unfortunately, I was in Accra for a wedding and for just three days. I attended the engagement and also the white wedding but I managed to squeeze out time to see the city too. I managed to see The Independence Arch, The Accra Arts Centre, Chez Clarrise, Osu Oxford Street & the famous Buka Restaurant.

3.The Kotoka International Airport in Accra is World Class

I had heard about this airport and had maybe seen photos too but being in it was a total different experience. We really need a world class airport in Nigeria.


4.It is Really Easy To Get A Taxi

On the road, there are more taxis than regular cars and I’m not even exaggerating. We tried to use Uber twice but the trips never occurred. At the airport when we arrived, we booked an Uber and the cab never showed. We were later told by the airport officials that Ubers are not allowed to pick up passengers at the terminal. We tried again on the same day when we were heading out. The driver accepted the trip but he was really far away and we told him to cancel. After that, we hailed cabs easily along the road and brought our bargaining game on.

5.Every Bottled Water & Soda Has A Barcode On The Lid

Now this is something I really liked!!! With the way any company can wake up one day and start producing water in Nigeria even without waiting for NAFDAC registration, I think this is something we should imbibe. Every water I drank during my stay in Ghana had a barcode on the lid. It just made you feel safe. I also had a club soda at a restaurant and my sisters had other drinks which all had barcodes on them.

6.OSU is the plug For Everything

At the front desk of the hotel, we asked what we could do for fun and the lady said go to Osu. We also asked the lady at the shop in the hotel and she said the same thing so off to Osu we went. We didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t remember much from my last visit but when we got to Osu, we understood why. Everything is in Osu; different restaurants, bars, clubs and malls, tourist sites like The Independence Arch, Osu Castle, The Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, Accra Arts Centre. I also walked on the popular Oxford Street though I was dripping in sweat.



7.I Didn’t Have To Tell Anyone I’m Nigerian

There was an automatic tell. I don’t know maybe it’s because a lot of Nigerians visit Ghana. After all, it’s just an hour flight. I got told statements that started with “your people” and “you Nigerians”. Sometimes, there was also an unfriendliness vibe from the people I interacted with but anyway one Ghanaian does not represent all Ghanaians and one Nigerian does not represent every Nigerian.

8.Accra Felt Like Home

Most places kind of felt familiar even though I had never been there. I never felt out of place for one minute. Unlike Lagos though, most places are rural. We actually blended right in until we spoke and our Nigerian accents gave us away. We tried to speak like Ghanaians a few times and it was totally hilarious.


9.Fruits Are Juicy

The fruits in Accra are so juicy that one day we went for breakfast just to eat fruits. It’s okay you can laugh, I laughed now just thinking about it. Guess what? We came back to Nigeria with fruits. Big juicy mangoes, apples, pears and grapes.


10.Exotic Cars Are Rare To Find

We found it strange that we rarely saw fast cars on the roads in Accra and we spent more time outdoors than indoors. When we spotted a benz, we had to shout (please don’t come for meunlike Nigeria where there are more exotic cars than familiar cars, it’s the other way in Accra.



I want to visit again but this time, I want to go to Ada. It has been described as the best escape location. Yes I spent some time at Labadi beach and the hotel I stayed at Le Palm Royal Beach Hotel was luxurious but I’m a beach girl and Wizkid’s fever video is still on my mind.

Thanks for reading.

Have you ever been to Accra? Will you like to visit?

Mariam Shittu

19 thoughts on “Travel|10 Fun Or Not Facts About Accra, Ghana

  1. This is one of the most precise, yet detailed and fun, travel reports I’ve read (and I’m not saying this because I’m Ghanaian). I think I speak for most Ghanaians when I say thank you for visiting and also, for showing Accra to the world. We hope to see you again, definitely when the weather is less hot! Lol.

  2. What a great read!! I would really like to visit Ghana sometime, but more for visiting a orphanage in Ghana built up by some Swedish girls. When I was 13 I started this organization that I named “PROJECT GHANA” where I collected money to fund a lot of children at this orphanage. I actually helped build a small kindergarten with the money and gave about 6,000 dollars to fund the children’s scholarships. It would be a dream to visit the orphanage as a volunteer! xx

  3. Yasss Ghana is fun 🤗✨. The heat though is a no no for me. I went to Ghana two years ago. Yes I would love to go to Ada too. My favorite part of my trip was the fresh food and seeing the children walking back from school and exchanging in their dialect. I loved waking up to the sun beaming through my video. The feel of being in Africa in general is amazing 😊✨. I got the privilege to go to Uganda for a mission trip last year and it was quite different. The weather was cool but Ghana will always be my heartbeat. Will love to visit Nigeria someday as well as other African countries like Malawi, Tanzania, and Kenya.

  4. Nice one Mariam. I visited Ghana like 6yrs ago am sure so many things have changed. Would definitely want to visit again soon.

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