POEM| I Don’t Belong Here

deafening music,
clicking glasses,
spilling drinks,
faces I don’t recognize
staring right at me

scandalous outfits,
flashing lights,
choking smoke of cigar
and drunk people
all around me

no, I don’t want to dance
no, I’m not having a drink
I have a smile on my face
but I’m planning my escape

I’m certain I don’t belong here.

Mariam Shittu

Have you ever felt this way? This poem was inspired by Alessia Cara’s song, Here.


4 thoughts on “POEM| I Don’t Belong Here

  1. Yes. Here is what I thought of as well. (As if the header didn’t make it any more evident).
    I totally get the feeling of feeling lonely and out of place in a group or crowd.

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