POEM| The Words Won’t Come Out

On a peaceful day
I take a look out the window
the day is bright

and the sky is blue
I try to write
but the words won’t come out

I stare at my computer
then at the TV
the day is going by fast
though it started slow
I try to write
but the words don’t come out

I grab a book to read
hoping it will inspire
and did some cooking
now the day is long gone
and I haven’t written
I think I’m stuck
because the words still haven’t come out

I guess I’ll call it a day
and try again later
at night when I ought to be asleep
or tomorrow when I rise from sleep
hopefully, the words will come out then

I wrote this poem in January and never posted it because I wrote three other poems that same day. I’m writing a post about ways to overcome writer’s block so I thought to share this first.

Mariam Shittu

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