POEM| Tired of Being Your Slave

The days I need you
you punish me
suffer me with waiting
and choose when you want to show up

The days I pretend
not to be bothered by you
you control my every move
until I am succumbed by you

It’s unfair
that I need you
on almost all the days in the year
and I’m unable to control you or win your love

I am tired
of you being the boss of me
and I need to learn how to
become your master

Mariam Shittu

Can you guess what I wrote about?

UPDATE: I wrote about SLEEP.

10 thoughts on “POEM| Tired of Being Your Slave

        1. Hmmmmmm🤔
          Looking like some sort of inspiration to me too o.
          Ooh well I love this🙌

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