If We Were Having Tea #4

If we were having tea, I will be overjoyed because it has been a long time I sat to have tea with anyone. Strange right? I know, I’ve been having tea by myself in recent times. I will tell you everything that has been happening since we last had tea even though you probably know already. I will tell you how much I miss you every day first though, especially your unconditional care, affection and love.

I will tell you how this past Ramadan wasn’t easier than the one before it. The whole thirty days still felt weird because you weren’t around bringing home treats or waking me up every morning even though you know I wouldn’t eat. There was also no Mowunmi bringing fresh croaker fish. We ate the fish at some point but it still felt kind of weird because you weren’t present when we ate it. Guess what? Dee and I went for a Muslim community lecture and it’s a come as you are group. It was so cool to know that we were accepted without scarfs or hijabs.

If we were having tea, I will tell you how we have needed you more than ever in the past few months because everything has just not been the same among us. Then I will lighten the mood by telling you that two of your daughters’ weddings are happening this year. I know you will scream and tear up at the mention of that even though Laitan already told you at your grave. It will still sound new coming from me because I’m a great storyteller. I know you will be worried about how we will manage this but I will reassure you that everything will be just fine even though we all know things would have been better if you were around.

I will tell you how hard its been lately joggling my day job, my t-shirt business, blogging and keeping up appearances on social media. I’ve been so busy that I have stress pimples on my forehead that wouldn’t go which makes me unhappy. I know you will reassure me that the pimples will go eventually and that I can manage my time better. You will end this with “Mariam you always figure things out, I know you will figure this out too” like you always did when I came to you with my worries.

If we were having tea, I will tell you how much your little baby that you were always telling me to Mummy has grown. She is part of the working class now and is making impressive adult decisions. I know you will be so proud.  At this point, I’m sure I will just be taking a sip of my tea which will have gone cold.

If we were having tea, I will hate to see you go but I will let you leave with the promise that we will do this again soon.

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  1. Amazing
    She is super proud and smiling down at all of the achievements in the bag and many more to come amen❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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