5 Things I Want To Do Before My Next Birthday

This new birth year, I want to be more intentional about my personal goals. Over the past few years, I have learned to be focused and dedicated to my dreams but to achieve my ever-increasing goals, I need to be more proactive. So I have given myself a target to attain some goals before my next birthday and I am sharing the five goals at the top of the list with you today.

1.) Learn How To Swim

Yup, I’m not a swimmer and it sucks. I can float thank goodness but I’m not confident enough in water. When my siblings learned how to swim, I was younger and in the kids’ pool. Fast forward to my teenage years, I went to a boarding school that granted us access to the pool once a year. I definitely couldn’t brush up on my skills and confidence in the little time I had in the pool. Before next October, I need to register for swimming classes and start swimming so help me God.


2.) Register in a Gym

Yup, I have never been a gym rat. I am self-taught in the health and fitness field. To be honest, I have never thought belonging to a gym was necessary until I considered the additional benefits attached to it which include a sauna, steam room, new relationships, business opportunities, and a routine.


3.) Sign Up to Be A Mentor

I don’t know if there are places one can sign up to be a mentor in Nigeria but I will very much like to be somebody’s mentor. I will like to guide someone through life’s turbulences, opportunities and expectations and give them a smoother journey along the way. I believe I have vast knowledge and experiences in different fields to do just that. So I am ready to volunteer myself to be someone’s guide and guard through this thing called life.

4.) Visit A Country On My To-Visit List

It’s no news that I love to travel and I have made it a point to visit a country I have never been to every year. I will really like to visit Turkey even though it is not on my top 5 places to visit list. My brother and sister-in-law visited recently and I have been interested in the country ever since. Will you go to Turkey with me in 2020? Please say yes, let’s plan a trip.


5.) Spend some time Volunteering

I know I need to do more volunteering because helping is always a good idea. It will be nice to join a volunteer community or even start one. I will like to belong to a group that raises money for a charity, feeds people, coaches people on how to get jobs, and basically help people that need help.

I have a long list but these five things are dear to me and it will be nice if I have accomplished them all before Oct 7, 2020.

Lists are fun, create one today.

Mariam Shittu

8 thoughts on “5 Things I Want To Do Before My Next Birthday

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  1. It is great knowing we share same goals about life. There’s nothing more appealing than helping, and knowing you’re productive to the world. Let’s talk more on the volunteer and mentor ship group thing. And yes I wanna visit turkey too. Hopefully by 2020 too. I’ll dm you on IG

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  2. Great list, yes we are going to Turkey.
    I also need to learn how to swim let me know how that goes..
    Check out @mentallyawareng if you interested in volunteer work.

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