You Can’t Have It All In A Man

If he’s not tall
He may be good looking

If he’s not good looking
He may be compassionate

If he’s not compassionate
He may make you laugh

If he doesn’t make you laugh 
He may be a giver who doesn’t need a direct ask to give 

If he’s not a giver
He may be neat and organized

If he’s not neat
He may be good in bed

If he’s not good in bed
He may be smart

If he’s not smart
He may be resourceful

If he’s not resourceful
He may know how to cook

If he doesn’t know how to cook
He may not mind cleaning around the house

If he doesn’t like to clean
He may be a good saver

If he spends money carelessly
He may be supportive of your dreams 

If he’s unsupportive of your dreams
He may have good manners

If he doesn’t have good manners
He may be faithful

If he’s not faithful
He may be confident 

If he’s not confident
He may be possessive 

If he’s not possessive
He may be arrogant

You can’t have it all but you can choose what’s important. 

Mariam Shittu


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