Powerful Affirmations To Get You Through This Tough Time

I am well
I am healed 
I am safe
I have faith 
I am not afraid
I am filled with hope and light

I am grounded with peace of mind 
I will fight this disease
I will survive this pandemic
My entire family and friends will be safe
I will use this time to read and create
I will use this time to strengthen my bonds

I will take action because I have been given an opportunity
I welcome this new phase of growth

I will fulfil all of my plans for the year
I will come out victorious 

I have been saying these affirmations to myself every morning when I wake up and at night right before bedtime. I cannot overemphasize the power in our words and what we say to ourselves. Repeat them every day until you feel it and apply it and don’t stop then. Today is day 8 of my self-isolation and I’m thankful I feel fine.

Mariam Shittu


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