POEM| Don’t Forget Me

Don’t forget me simply because our story has ended 

When day breaks
When you look in the mirror while brushing your teeth

When you take a mug for your early morning tea

When you read a poem
When you go to the cinema

When you buy a bouquet of flowers for someone else

When you need some advice
When you’re reading a new book
When you go out for brunch on a sunny Sunday

When you visit the beach
When you hear my song on the radio
When you see a couple pass by 

When the days are cold
When you’re having a lonely night
When the party’s over

I hope you think of me.

Mariam Shittu





6 thoughts on “POEM| Don’t Forget Me

  1. Wow you really need to give us a book or some journal of poems from Mymi. This is beautiful or at least some picture frames of your poems or writings.

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