POEM| The Quiet Type

I’m considered the quiet type
because I don’t say much
from the onset

and my soft voice betrays me

I’m labelled the quiet type
because I’m mostly quiet
except I’m required to speak
or I’m passionate about a topic

I’m seen as the quiet type
because I love my peace 
And sometimes I admit that I am
Othertimes, I correct people that I’m not

I’m considered a quiet person
but this perception changes
when the talkative in me emerges
and takes center stage.

Mariam Shittu

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    1. Hi Aize, you know we only got to know each other better after I left Glo. With the way Glo was set up😆, it wasn’t easy to interact while at work and we were always in a hurry to go home after work LOL. Plus we still haven’t hung out together after all these years.


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