20 Things I Hate About You

I hate that you never let things go.
I hate that you always had to have the last say.
I hate that you were always serious every damn time.
I hate that you didn’t read or believe that reading matters.
I hate that you believe a woman shouldn’t be opinionated.

I hate that I was always left in the dark.
I hate that you always forgot the most important things.
I hate that you wanted to know everything and be a part of everything.
I hate the way you interrogated me whenever I went out without you.
I hate that I couldn’t joke around with you out of fear you may get upset.

I hate the way you made me feel small.
I hate the way you reminded me of my flaws.
I hate that everything was a competition for you.
I hate how easy it was for you to turn off your emotions and reveal your stonecold heart.
I hate the way you always chose the time I’m addressing an issue that bothers me to also address an issue that bothers you.

I hate the way you lied.
I hate that I let you hurt me.
I hate that you think I hate you.
I hate that I still think about you.
I hate that you expect me to forget that you hurt me.

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Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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Mariam Shittu




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