10 Quotes I’m Riding With For The Rest of The Year

It’s no secret that I’m a lover of quotes. I like finding new quotes and writing them in my Notes app or journal. There’s so much knowledge and wisdom in the wise words of the past that can be applied to the present and the future. It’s also a reminder that someone has experienced what I’m struggling with, and figured a way out.

I started watching Being Mary Jane all over again. If you’re familiar with the show, then you know how obsessed Mary Jane was with quotes. She took it far by pasting her sticky notes all over her house though. The show renewed my interest in quotes and I’m glad I found my way back to them.

The year is gradually coming to an end and what better way to end it than with words of wisdom. See the ten quotes below;

1. Chances Aren’t Things you Should Take For Granted.

2. Just Do What F**ing Feels Right.

3. Your Energy is Your Greatest Asset. Protect It.

4. Someone Out There Feels Better Because You Exist.

5. Sometimes You’ve Gotta Let People Do What They Want To Do So You Can See What They’ll Rather Do.

6. You Don’t Need Everyone To Love You. Just a Few Good People.

7. Without a Leap of Faith, We’ll Never Know What We’re Capable of.

8. No matter How Hard Your Day is, Celebrate Other People’s Success.

9. Pain is Inevitable, It’s What We Do With it That Matters.

10. On Your Journey To The Stars, Remember That Stars Are in The Sky in The Daytime, But Only Shine At Night.

Which quote are you saving?

Have a beautiful month of September!

Mariam Shittu


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