Advice For Girls (By Spencer McFarland)

Be loud.
Be gross.
Take up space.
Stop saying “sorry”.
Start saying “don’t interrupt me”.
Stop saying “because I have a boyfriend”
Start saying “because I said so”.
Say “no”
Say “none of your business”.
Take selfies
Don’t laugh at jokes that aren’t funny.
Be snide and sarcastic.
Wear you hair the way you like it.
Help out other girls.
Be vocal about what makes you mad.
Be masculine.
Be feminine.
Be both.
Be neither.
Be unapologetic.
And don’t set aside your comfort for boys’ egos.

I found this on the 10th of March, 2018. Which advice are you going to follow through with?

Mariam Shittu


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6 thoughts on “Advice For Girls (By Spencer McFarland)

  1. YES to everything, especially “Be vocal about what makes you mad”.. also I don’t know about being gross lol

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