10 Things To Remember in 2022

It’s easy to forget.

We make plans and set goals but fail to fulfil them. Sometimes, we swear we’ll do something a particular way and then end up doing it differently. It’s normal, we aren’t perfect, and forgetting is part of our race.

2022 is on its journey, and before it passes by, I thought to share these ten reminders to take us through the year.

a lady holding a pen to a paper to write
1.) Don’t blame yourself for trying.
2.) Stop expecting the same in return from people. Everyone is not built like you.
3.) Understand the value of process, be consistent and give it time; results will follow.
4.) You are in control of your peace. No one will be there when you’re crying your eyes out if your choices bring you war.
5.) Your home is your sanity. Make sure you don’t bring what makes it feel unsafe into it.
6.) Let somebody love you and take care of you. You can still take care of yourself too while they’re at it.
7.) Be honest in everything and with everyone especially yourself.
8.) Efforts are always better than promises. Don’t just listen to words, listen to actions too.
9.) Ask for help. It’s okay to need people.
10.) Positivity can be toxic when it prevents you from seeing what is true.

It’s not too late to make changes for the year. Bookmark this and get to work!

Mariam Shittu

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