Heartbreaks From Friendships

Heartbreaks can come in any form, not just from romantic relationships but also from friendships.

It’s a shame that we don’t talk about friendship heartbreaks and the emotional trauma of dealing with them. The cause of these heartbreaks can be so intense and can also be so trivial. Someone you speak to every day about anything now becomes someone that no longer exists in your life. Weeks of not talking turn into months and then years, and that’s how a love-filled friendship ceases to live no more.

I think friendship heartbreaks are even more intense than heartbreaks from romantic relationships because of the duration of the friendship and all the sentiments that have developed during that time. You share so much together, sometimes even more than with a romantic partner, that you never imagine life without them, but then you have to live without them.

A real friend is one who walks in, when others walk out.


That must hurt, right? Yes, it does. You miss them, and they probably miss you too, but nobody reaches out and that silence echoes. Soon after, nothing can be done but to accept the reality of what has happened.

Some relationships can be salvaged if the two parties are ready to resolve the issues, take responsibility, and apologize for wrongdoings. However, some relationships cannot be mended, and you have to understand that some people come into your life to serve a purpose, and when their time is up, it’s up.

As you journey through this thing called life, I hope you have the right people to help you, tell you the truth always and hold your hand when you need it.

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Written by Lateefah Shittu

9 thoughts on “Heartbreaks From Friendships

  1. Well done, Lateefah! This is definitely an important topic I wish was talked about more. I agree with the statement that friendship heartbreaks can be more intense than romantic heartbreaks. E dey pain!

  2. Love this!
    It’s ok to let relationships go if they’ve run their course, but as a dear friend once said ‘as long as the filter is love’.
    I’ve held on to that

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