Life Update: Q1 2022 Recap

We’re deep into 2022; three whole months have gone by, and you no longer have an excuse for mistaking the year for 2021 when you write the date. I can’t believe it’s the second week of April already. I feel like I got my happy new month messages just yesterday.


I hope you agree that this year’s January went by quickly. It didn’t drag like other Januaries I’ve experienced, which was nice. I started the new year with a sweet family dinner, and I blogged about it here. Before I knew it, it was time to get back to work. Work started on a low, but things picked up towards the end of the month. There were a couple of celebrations during the month and a few farewells. My goals for the year were set, and it looked like things were finally taking shape.

My customized perfume from Ralph’s Club Eau De Parfum launch


February was an easier month for me now that I think about it. At work, we resumed our hybrid work arrangement and our “welcome back to the office” initiative was a success. As much as I love recruiting, the process can also be draining, so I was happy all our hard work didn’t go in vain because we filled three positions. I upped my workouts and started working on accomplishing the vision board goals from last year. I’m happy to report that I’ve ticked two items off the list. My sister shared a guest post about Heartbreaks from Friendships, which got many people talking. I wrote a ton of poems and a couple of blog posts, including a life update for the month. I tried a new natural hair hairstyle which I loved and attended my classmate from secondary school’s wedding, where I caught up with old friends. The highlight of the month was valentine’s day which was really special, and one that I won’t forget anytime soon.

My valentine’s day bouquet


I started March on a high note with 5 Things I’m Loving Right Now. Though the Russia and Ukraine war and the current inflation in Nigeria brought me to an all-time low, I tried to focus on hitting my personal and work goals. The blog turned 5, and I celebrated with a cake. If someone told me six years ago, that I’d be a writer, I’d have laughed it off. Look at me now! There was a lot of reflection and appreciation for my writing journey throughout the month. I had an overdue spa session; It was a combination of a steam bath, body scrub, Swedish massage and pedicure. I slept well for days after that. I tried three new places in Lagos, read two HR books and finally set up my home office. My second cousin got married, and it was nice to be reunited with my Mum’s family. By the end of the month, I was preparing for Ramadan, reflecting on the first quarter and trying to embrace Q2’s adulting woes.

The two HR books I read and loved

I hope you have an awesome April and a better quarter.

Stay sane.

Mariam Shittu

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  1. Totally enjoyed the read and was able to pick on few things to help improve on myself.
    Weldone hun❤️❤️❤️❤️

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