Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,
I waited for you for so long
and during all that time
I wondered if you were thinking of me too.
There were some pitfalls,
many sad days
and lonely nights,
but they all led me to you.
You, my husband.
The one I said forever to.
I hope you know how much I love you
and I’ve shown you through my actions,
not just mere words.
By now, you should have gotten used to
my weird and quirky traits,
my endless desire for more sleep,
my bread cravings,
and my relentless wish to see the world.
In fact, I hope I have influenced you
to travel as much as I do.
So it can be our thing.
I want nothing but to
build with you,
grow with you,
learn from you,
and be with you above everything else.
Are you smiling yet?
I hope you are.
Or maybe a tear just slid down your face.
It’s okay; I’m crying too.
We may not have everything,
but as long as
we have each other
everything will be okay.

Yours forever,

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