POEM| Talk To Me #2

Talk to me
these three little words
are simple yet so complex
at least, complex to me
The thought of baring
my entire soul out
to someone else
almost seems impossible

Talk to me
you say
because you think
you want to hear what I have to say
but I’m sure when I’m done
you’ll regret uttering
those three probing words
talk to me

Talking has never been my thing
I prefer listening
and contributing
when I have to
not talking

Talk to me
I want you to say more
I want to know more about you
you’ll say
you don’t want to give up
I try sometimes
I really do
but as soon as I open my mouth to speak
I swallow spit and wait for you to say something that requires a response
I guess it’ll be nice to share freely with no worries
but I’d never know what that feels like

So talk to me

Mariam Shittu

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