20 Healing Affirmations for Quick Recovery

Did you know that affirmations can help speed up your recovery when you’re sick?

Healing affirmations provide an opportunity for you to project positive vibrations into your health. Whenever we’re sick, we immediately think the worst and Google all sorts of things that make things worse before we even get a diagnosis. If we believe that things will be fine, they actually will.

If you’re feeling down physically or mentally, recite these affirmations for quick recovery.

I am well.
I am healed.
I am restored.
I am complete.
I am delivered.

I am destined for greatness.
I am no longer a carrier of sickness.
I am healthier than I was yesterday.
I am released of the burden of illness.
I am at peace with my mind, body and soul.
I receive good thoughts.
I receive peace of mind.
I receive all the good things of life.
I receive complete healing all over my body.
I receive total restoration of everything that has been lost or broken.
I feel lighter than I was yesterday.
I feel positive changes within me.
I feel great physically and mentally.
I feel stronger, energized and rejuvenated.
I feel alive.

Stay healthy,
Mariam Shittu

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