Loving Your Body

I started working out and eating healthy over a year ago… What forced me to take control of my body and life in general was because my clothes stopped fitting. Besides the fact that I couldn’t afford to change my whole wardrobe, I didn’t want to hate myself. The journey hasn’t been easy I must say but it has been fulfilling and is still ongoing. Below is a history of my fitness journey;

1. Treadmill: I started by running 3 times a week on the treadmill at home that was never used. It got boring…

2. 7 Minutes workout: I tried this app for about a month but I didn’t see any progress even though my colleagues at the time told me I was losing weight.

3. Eating Healthy: I had to give upmy favourite meals; toast and rice. I ate toast after work and napped right after every other day. This wasn’t the pop up toast… The other kind with a whole egg in two slices of bread with cornbeef or sardines. Mehn…. typing that just made me hungry. I loved white bread so much I could just eat it that way without anything. I had no idea this was killing me.

If you are Nigerian, rice is the norm and we all grew up eating it; jollof, fried, concotion, rice and stew etc.

A colleague at work once asked me to write down everything I eat and here goes;

  1. TEA( notice its in caps)
  2. Lots of Fruit/ Juices
  3. Wheat Bread
  4. Fruit and fibre cereal
  5. Skimmed Milk/ Almond Milk/ Coconut Milk
  6. Beans(my favourite)
  7. Sardines
  8. Salad – the healthy kind with fresh veggies( I think Majik Juice does the best salads)
  9. Sweet Potato fries
  10. Fish
  11. Chicken
  12. Bulgar Wheat
  13. Spelt/ Semolina Pasta
  14. Boiled Plantain
  15. Plantain Flour

4. Focus T25: I found Shaun T and he changed me!!! I followed the T25 workout program diligently and I started seeing changes in my body in the Beta stage i.e after 8 weeks. Shaun T is bae, I love him.

5. Running: my new sport is running. I still consider myself a beginner because besides my treadmill days, I’ve ran the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge only twice. My bestie told me about the 0 to 5km app and I used it for the second time today…

I am still on the self love journey though I love my body transformation so far. Its so amazing what we can do for ourselves if we TRY.

Goodnight xo.

3 thoughts on “Loving Your Body

  1. Amazing . Determination definitely has to be one of the core values you have. Love your blog so much.
    I have been on a fitness journey for years now, i haven’t really taken it serious, but the one time i did i actually loved it because it became a lifestyle. Gym was my happy place, listening to music and all , the meal plan was also my best part but eating healthy is kind of expensive as opposed to when you just eat anything. So i kind of slacked, honestly i use to go to the gym everyday, had a trainer was doing the HitMax workouts and Abs. All of a sudden, i just got tired and i said to myself i wont go to the gym today, i’ll go tomorrow. That one sentence killed me because since that day my whole fitness journey just kind of hit the pause button. Oh well, there is time for everything. Although i noticed that i haven’t really changed on my weight, its just there no reducing no adding. Thanks for this post, it has motivated me to do more and do better.
    God bless you
    Love your blog already.

    1. Lateefah, my number one B! I’m glad this post has motivated you. Yeah its expensive but when you wonder why unhealthy foods are cheap you realize its because they are bad for you. When you come in the summer we will workout together! I can’t wait. Love you

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