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I love taking photos…. not necessarily of people but anything/everything. I see something beautiful and I immediately think of having that beautiful moment forever.

I took the photo above on Saturday during a run. I saw so many birds perched on this roof and I wondered why the residents weren’t bothered. You can trust Nigerians to stare but It was really interesting and I needed a photo.

My sister Laitan tells me every time she has a chance to that I should consider going into photography because I take amazing photos. Bless you Laitan *kisses*.

So I finally considered taking a six weeks course in photography late last year in UK but adulting happened(chose to stay at my job). I also wanted to get a camera this year to see if there’s really a talent behind this… I checked jumia and konga and was taken aback by the prices. My iphone 6s will do just fine interim. I have never handled a cannon before so I’m sure I’ll need some “photography 101” lessons. Thank God for youtube.

When I’m on holiday, I take too many pictures. Here are my favourite from my last trip.

This is my favourite photo of all time. We were on our way back to the station after taking a tour of DC and I saw a beautiful sunset. I took this with an Iphone 5!

I took this photo in motion

There was just something about the colours of the umbrellas and the ocean. I walked about 2 miles with my sister Seun for this photo. Location: South Beach, Miami
Everyone has a window seat photo I’m sure.

In Nigeria, Wedding Photography is the lucrative kinda photography but I enjoy taking photos of buildings, structures, the ocean etc THE ABSTRACT. I’ve had dreams of my images being framed on a wall at an exhibition and people bought my work and hung them in their homes. Yes yes, I’m a strong believer that dreams like this come true so I am not gonna back out. Let’s see the what the future holds!!!

P:S I am collecting donations for my camera😁 It was almost 300k when I checked in January.

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  1. These photos are really amazing, one would think they were taken with a professional camera. They really are awesome and I believe if you continue, and invest more time your dreams would definitely come through.
    I’d be the first to have that umbrella picture in my home. Its soo good!!!

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