When I got home yesterday evening, a thought came to my mind to write about singleness. I guess its because I saw Beauty and The Beast(it was sooooooo good you should go see it if you haven’t).

“SINGLE” the word itself has a sad vibe to it especially when you have to write it in a form or say it out loud. Its even worse when people don’t believe you when you tell them you are “oh, you are a beautiful and intelligent girl, how can you be single?”.

I know being single is not easy and there are times you ask yourself; why me ??? and then every time you pray you say Lord, let me find my partner(yeah yeah, been there, done that).

Then you keep getting reminded that you are single by;

The couples around you that display their love not meaning to hurt you intentionally but hurt you anyway.

The annoying family members who tell you every time they see you that you have not introduced them to anyone lately or ask you blatantly when you are getting married.

The friends that believe you are too uptight or want someone that doesn’t exist and that’s why you are single.

Or your friend’s mothers who mean well but pray for you every time they see you that they will celebrate with you very soon.

Often times, that feeling of loneliness or being alone creeps in… when you want to share a news or be with that “someone” and you know nothing/no one can feel the void then you begin to wonder what’s wrong with you and if you would ever end up with someone. Sleep it off and remember that tomorrow is just around the corner.

Its important to note the facts below about being single;

Love yourself 
You have to love yourself completely and do what makes you happy because you need to love yourself first to be able to truly love another.

Let go of the Past
The past is in the past and there’s a reason things happened the way they did. So appreciate the present and embrace the future.

Be open to something new
You have to be hopeful that the right one would come along and that when the person does you feel it, know it and your loved ones would see it too.

You Are Never Alone
Even if you don’t know it, there are people who genuinely love and care about you. Always reach out to friends and family. A good support system is necessary.

Never Settle
I mean why wait for this long then settle? After all, Belle didn’t settle until she fell in love.

To all my single friends, do not worry and do not fret for prince charming exists and he’s on his way to you.


5 thoughts on “Singledom 

  1. Girl this is some beautiful and wise advice you’ve given here. Agree with you 100% <3

  2. Really nice piece. It’s best to relax and enjoy the moment, build one’s self and keep your gaze fixed on God cos he makes all things beautiful in His time.

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