Workchic: Turtleneck is always a good idea. 

Its Saturday!!! I’m still in bed but I’ve been up for about an hour and right now I’m listening to Alessia Cara. Her music is everything.

Before I started blogging, I was thinking about it alot and thought posting more photos on instagram would be an ideal way to start. However, I decided to embark on this journey by writing anything that comes to mind ;). So I am going to feature my pre-blogging workchic outfits on my blog.

I chose this outfit first cos its my favourite;

I have always thought turtleneck is a good idea but I don’t live in a place where I can wear a turtleneck top or dress easily without suffering from heat. I buy them anyway and whenever I’m on holiday I grab one or two in my luggage.

So of course when I had the opportunity to buy this black sleeveless one, I jumped right at it. I could have paired it with anything really and it would still have turned out great but I bought this skirt a while ago from the5kshop and I didn’t feel like I had ever paired it well so I decided to do justice to it. Haha

The purse is my birthday gift from Seun( my sister) and its my go to right now. Its so trendy. Here’s the story behind this cutie;

Seun and I were in an Aldo store in Brooklyn while on holiday and I kept staring at the purse (One of the oh I like this bag so much but I shouldn’t be buying another black bag right now moments). Suddenly, she told the person attending to us to bring a new one from the back and paid for it. P.S. I love you Seun.

I felt so comfortable wearing a sleeveless top to work. I stopped wearing anything sleeveless till late last year because I felt my arms were just so huge… but I love my body now.

A top, blouse or shirt and a high waisted skirt is the signature workchic look and every girl should have a few pairs of high waist skirts.

Outfit Details;

Top- boohoo

Skirt- the5kshop

Shoes- boohoo

Bag- Aldo


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  1. love the pictures. so beautiful
    could not stop saving all of them. You are a super duper cute woman. cant wait to see you tour round the world

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