Places in Lagos| An afternoon at Terra Kulture

On Good Friday, I visited Terra Kulture for the first time ever. Terra Kulture is an art, culture, lifestyle and educational center in Lagos, Nigeria.

I went to see “Wàkáá The Musical”. This was my second time watching a play in Nigeria and I’m glad I did because It was really good. I must say Bimbo Manuel did a good job playing his part I couldn’t stop laughing. My favorite part of the show were the costumes. They were too apt.

The story is indepth and close to home as its about the different experiences graduates face after school and how it shapes their lives. Its showing all through the Easter Holiday so you can go see it too if interested.

After the show, I went to the shop behind the theater for some popcorn and palmwine then I saw the book heaven. I was glad to see some books on the shelf I had read; the secret lives of baba segi’s wives and purple hibiscus. I will definitely be going back to buy a book.

I then went to the restaurant for a late lunch. I was going to eat in initially but I ordered ofada with meat stew and dodo for takeaway. The restaurant is so African, from the tables and chairs to the uniform of the waiters and the food on the menu.

Book Heaven

The restaurant

         with Bolanle Austin Peters, the director of Wàkáá.

I had a good afternoon and I will definitely be visiting again soon.


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