Lagos Living|Lagos Art Auction 2018 (Preview & Cocktail)

Hello everyone, hope you had a great weekend. So many exciting things happen in Lagos, Nigeria and I’m trying to share them with you all one post at a time. I had the privilege of attending Lagos Art Auction 2018 preview & cocktail at Terra Kulture in July and this post is about my experience at the event plus a snippet of some of the art that was auctioned.

Places in Lagos: An afternoon at Terra Kulture

I’m trying to go out more because opportunities don’t come knocking at your door and man will not come and look for me inside my house LOL. The event was on a Friday evening so I went home to change quickly after work and headed to Terra Kulture with a friend Thank goodness for friends who appreciate art.

As we walked in, we were asked to sign in and off we went to appreciate art. I liked everything I saw on the walkway as we went inside; there were paintings everywhere. I ran into someone I know who I haven’t seen in about a year or more and she commented about my blog and writing. I was really happy to get that feedback from her.

I thought we were early but there were already a lot of people here and it was just past 7.  I got some zobo and went to a little corner to take in the whole place. Then I met the curator Ugonna Ibe-Ejiogu who was really pleasant by the way.

As I was sipping my zobo and enjoying my finger food, a lady tapped me. She told me she liked my purse and asked if she could see it. So I handed it to her and her friend also took a look. Then she went ahead to ask several questions about it; where I got it from, how long I’ve had it, how much it was and so on. I answered all her questions and even went ahead to share the instagram handle(@vintageweare_) of the shop. Then something I didn’t expect happened. After thanking me, she prayed for me; legit serious prayers then of course she told me why; “other people would have lied that it cost so much and they bought it abroad”. The thought didn’t even occur to me. P.S: if you check the shop out and buy something tell them I sent you maybe, just maybe I will get a freebie or more😉.

I decided to walk around after some time to take all the art in and took some photos while I was at it. Enjoy…

This was my fave. I could see it in a hotel lobby or in a home.

There were all kinds of art that didn’t come cheap I was alarmed by some of the prices and I couldn’t photograph all. I’m glad I got to experience this beautiful display of talent in Nigeria. I didn’t attend the auction but I could tell from this preview the pieces were going to be swooped and I was right.

Thanks for reading.

Would you buy a painting that costs over a million naira???

Mariam Shittu

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