My Hair Journey 

I’ve always wished I had hair, long healthy hair. I guess every girl from an African country except Ethiopia(because they have hair) probably wishes same.

I had terrible hair growth throughout my secondary school days but by my second year in university, my hair started growing back and I was elated.

I noticed it was because I started paying more attention to it and taking care of it. I stopped retouching my hair bi-monthly and also stopped ghana weaving braids completely.

By my final year, my hair had grown but it was still breaking bad. There was a time I went to the salon to retouch my hair and the lady practically cut my hair halfway in the name of trimming it.

It took me about four years after this to realize Dark and Lovely relaxer was bad for my hair type. I was at the salon one day, a lady saw my hair and recommended Dr Miracle’s Relaxer to me and I tried it twice. Though it reduced the breakage, my hair was still brittle and I wasn’t satisfied. I also tried Profectiv Relaxer but it didn’t help much. At this point, I considered cutting it all off and starting over.

I found Olive Oil (Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil No-Iye Relaxer) and my hair was never the same. I started with the normal kit and I noticed changes in my hair the first time I used it. Three months later, I used the extra strength kit and I was so happy because I knew I had found the best relaxer for my hair.

My hair is still not as long as I want it to be now, but its healthy. I have EDGES and I can rock my hair for weeks.

If you have ever experienced any of these challenges with your hair then you should try this relaxer and other olive oil hair products.

Here’s what I’ve been doing to my hair for two years straight;

  1. I retouch my hair three times a year
  2. I steam my hair the same day I retouch it
  3. I trim my hair regularly
  4. I fix weaves in more than I braid
  5. I leave each hairstyle for a month and when I take it out, I wash and steam my hair.
  6. I wear wigs when my hair starts getting due and I do cornrows on my hair.
  7. I use sheabutter as my hair cream.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. I hope this helps someone out there.

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