AUTUMN STYLE: In Primary Colours 

Hi guys, welcome to another style post. I can’t believe the 2nd week in October is already over!

Incase you haven’t noticed from some of my other style posts, I love colours and I like it whenever I get to mix more than three and they come out well together. I have four colours on and three of them are primary colours. Who remembers the primary colours; red, yellow and blue.

When you’re in a different country, you dress like them eh. I don’t even have a choice because I don’t wanna freeze😂. The weather isn’t playing with anyone at the moment.

The sweater and jacket are oldies and they’re from the clothes I have in the uk and keep here. Every time I’m away, I add some stuff to my collection in my sisters houses. I can’t be caught dead in them in Nigeria because I’d certainly die of heat. Dressing up in this weather is so easy though. You can just throw a bunch of stuff together and you’re good to go.

So I decided to get a bit stylish with my purse because I had been carrying it for a bit and I got bored of it’s plain look. I tied a scarf around one of its hands to make it pop. Doesn’t it look so nice with my fit?

Have you ever thought of colour blocking but you weren’t sure what colours to pair? Why not try primary colours.

Outfit Details;

Jacket ~ H&M

Sweater ~ Primark

Pants ~ Asos

Boots ~ Office

Purse ~ Tommy Hilfiger

Scarf ~ Vintage

Have a good weekend.

Mariam Shittu

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