POEM| Don’t Stop

You take the plunge 
with a leap of faith 
try something new they said 
so you try 

it doesn’t seem right 
it doesn’t feel right  
it can’t always be your fault
can it? 

what is wrong with you?
why can’t you be like others?
who start something new 
and see it through 

who started years ago
and are still going strong 
who have something to show off
when they need to 

now you’re in a bubble 
feeling sorry for yourself 
sulking on another failure 
wondering when your time is coming 

the tears run dry 
and you remember 
though you’re not where you want to be 
you are alive, you are here 

so you will keep trying  
so you will keep pushing 
so you will keep praying 
and keep believing 

Mariam Shittu

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