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Hi, another work week is ending today and I hope you are as excited as I am that it’s Friday. For a long time, there was a perception that patterns/prints could not be mixed. So once you had one patterned piece on, every other thing had to be plain to complement it. In recent times, this has changed and I’ve found myself admiring and even pairing different prints.

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Prints are a staple piece that complement an outfit and usually make you stand out, so one has to be careful when mixing prints to be sure to get it right. In this post, I’m sharing a few mixed print outfits and also giving you a guide on how to achieve similar looks.

1. Love this look from @alerobuttercup at London Fashion Week. I particularly like how the jacket compliments the blouse, pants and sunglasses. She looks effortlessly chic.
2. Another look I love; @kimolusanya styled in @stylistjbolin. This is a mixture of two prints I love, polka dot and ankara. Notice how the ankara isn’t bright??? It makes the combination easy on the eye. The outfit will still look nice if the colours on the blouse were reversed.
3. @chimamanda_adichie in a combination of ankara and aso oke. I wish I could own this skirt!!! I can already think of different ways to pair it. The two prints have nothing in common but still look good together.
4. @chicamastyle in a mixed print dress.
5. I didn’t find her social media handle but she’s such a poser. Love it!!!!

If you didn’t pay attention to the trend before now, I’m sure one of the looks above will have sparked your interest. I  also came up with three different combinations from my closet which translates to three new outfits for myself for later. Check them out below;




When mixing prints, The goal is not to let any print overshadow the other and still make each print shine on its own. Now, there are single pieces that are mixed prints like number 4 above so you don’t even have to do the pairing yourself. I bought a mixed print pant from my favorite store to shop @boohoo and this is how I paired it.



MY OUTFIT DETAILS: Top: @mariamshittu_ |Pants: @boohoo|Slippers: @primark|Purse: 1 of 4 of a 4in1 tote bag

Have you jumped on this trend yet? What do you think of it?

Thanks for reading.

Mariam Shittu

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