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Nairobi City Market is the city’s main souvenir market and it’s right in the centre of the city located between Muindi Mbingu Street and Koinange Street which was about 800m from my hotel. The market is popular for both locals and tourists alike so you feel welcome and comfortable.


I visited the city market thrice even though I was in the city for only five days. The first thing I spotted on my first day was the flower stall. It’s impossible to miss it when you walk in as it’s right in your face. I felt a bit jealous that flowers are easily grown in Kenya as that’s not the case in Nigeria. Flowers are luxury and not affordable in Nigeria. Did you know that Kenya is the third largest exporter of flowers in the world? (Source)

Nairobi City Market is filled with over twenty stalls which sell a variety of arts and crafts, massai clothing, accessories, bags, shields, drums, slippers, and others. There’s a meat section on the far left of the market and some fruits and vegetables are sold right in the centre. Just like every other market, everyone wants you to come see what they have to offer. You can’t pass by and not hear someone say “karibu” which means welcome in swahili. When you tell them you’re only looking, they say “looking is free”.


Everyone I met was receptive and even more so because I am Nigerian. I had different conversations with different people about my country, Nollywood and the actresses, my shoes, my weave and my stay. I saw so many beautiful things that reeked of talent and creativity and I was in awe. It was time to shop and I was on a budget so I had to get my bargaining face on. I left the market with something for my siblings and buddies but I made a mental note to come back to Nairobi to shop for interior decor when I own my home. Also, I managed to take some photos to have the memories with me forever so enjoy some of them below.

The counter top sourvenirs below were the coolest things I spotted!!!






I left the market with sandals, crafted animals, fridge magnets, bangles, bracelets, notepads, keychains and my very own massai blanket.

Thanks for indulging me as I shared my travel posts. Until the next time I visit somewhere new, travel posts are on hold for now.

What do you love to do most when you visit a new place?


Mariam Shittu

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