My Birthday Wishes

Another year has gone by and it’s October 8. My birthday is here and these are my wishes for my birthday;

I wish for a life filled with love.
I wish for a million more wishes.
I wish for another hundred birthdays.
I wish to have every thing I ever need.
I wish for every day to be as easy as today.
I wish to have a smile on my face every day.
I wish for my poems to be known far and wide.
I wish for lines to fall unto me in pleasant places.
I wish to bring joy to everyone that comes my way.
I wish for goodness and mercy to always come my way.
I wish for growth in faith, grace, wisdom, and knowledge.
I wish to inspire, motivate and encourage everyone I meet.
I wish for amazing opportunities and outstanding milestones.
I wish I remember to cherish every one of my accomplishments.
I wish for peace, joy, and happiness to always be present in my life.
I wish for an iPhone 11 and a canon 5d mark iv as birthday presents.
I wish my hopes, plans, dreams, aspirations, and prayers come to pass.
I wish for more strength and courage to face the battles that come my way.
I wish for a credit alert of one million naira in my bank account with no strings attached.

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Mariam Shittu

21 thoughts on “My Birthday Wishes

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  1. Happy birthday…pray all your heart desires are met..we are actually birthday mate..and I posted on my blog today as might want to check it out..

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  2. Happy Birthday Mariam 🎉🎂. God’s best for you in this new age. New beginnings, greater opportunities, favor, good health, peace and new joy. May all that your heart desires, be granted unto you. It’s your special day. Enjoy it to the fullest 🙌🏿😊🎊🌻

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