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Vanilla Moon is a modern restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos that serves an array of European dishes. If you search for the list of trending restaurants in Lagos, you will definitely find it on the list. Why you may ask, well because it’s new, and Lagosians hop on the vibe of everything new. Vanilla Moon came on my radar in September and I finally visited this October.

Vanilla Moon has an outdoor and indoor sitting arrangement. I especially love the aesthetic decor of the place. It is warm, inviting and minimalist. You feel super comfortable when you walk in. I love the colours, the wallpaper, and the lights remind you of the moon.


Before my visit, I had checked the menu out online and I wasn’t too impressed with the food options but I love the customization. You can see different meals with “moon” in their name and meals to serve every diet (keto, gluten-free, vegetarian). It’s obvious they paid a lot of attention to detail.

We skipped starters and went for main dishes straight away. I ordered the Braised Lamb while my friend ordered Beef Fettuccine and we were served complimentary bread while we waited. The bread was freshly baked and I ate one of every type of bread in the basket. They were all really good (bread lover confession).
Complimentary bread basket
Beef Fettuccine
Braised Lamb with vegetables and potato discs

When our meals arrived, I was kinda disappointed with mine. I now understood why my waiter asked if I wanted to change my sides because the potato discs were just four pieces. I was jealous of my friend’s full plate of pasta but I ate my food nonetheless. It was okay, I guess as okay as it could be considering it was braised lamb. I’m definitely not ordering it next time though. My friend enjoyed his pasta, he ate as much as he could and packed the rest to go.

At the end of the afternoon, we both concluded that we had a good time. The service was excellent, our waiter was polite and friendly and she got a tip for her good work.

Braised Lamb 9,000
Beef Fettuccine 7,500
Pineapple Juice 1,500
Water 800

Vanilla Moon is perfect for date night and brunch or lunch with friends. I’m definitely going to go back for the complimentary bread, try something else from the menu and a cocktail or two.

Mariam Shittu

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  1. I am definitely hosting my friends at Vanilla Moon. I only saw the restaurant from outside on my way to work. I never knew how beautiful it looked on the inside. I can’t wait 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽. Thank you for this Mariam

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