Two Years Gone But Never Forgotten

I spent every day at the hospital
but I didn’t care

I spent my birthday at the hospital
but I didn’t care

I wasn’t taking care of myself
but I didn’t care 

I just wanted you to be well
And you were but only for a short time

I remember loosening your cornrows
And we had a good chat

You even took a walk around
And we all shared a good laugh

Then you relapsed
Before you were discharged

And one night you slept
but you never woke up

My whole world came crashing down
but I had to pick myself up again

Every day has been a struggle
but I’ve managed to survive

I’ve been told you wouldn’t be happy I still cry
but I don’t care

I’ve been told to let go
but I don’t care

I don’t care
because I know they can’t understand my loss

I hold on to our memories
and cherish when I get to see you in my dream

You’ve been gone for two years
but you will never forgotten

Mariam Shittu

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