8 Philosophies That Give Life More Meaning

Life hits us often with one thing or another and it makes us wonder if it’s truly worth living. I’m here today to assure you that it is. Life is beautiful, wonderful, colourful, invigorating and eclectic. At the same time, life can have its downturns, sadness, despair and triumphs but the good and bad complement each other; yin and yang.

These eight philosophies will help you appreciate life with all it brings; either good or bad.

Without pain and suffering, you might not have strength and perseverance.
Without negative people, you might not appreciate the positive people in your life.
Without that rejection or break up, you might not have been guided to something better.
Without that person saying you couldn’t do it, you might not have the motivation to do it.
Without experiencing ignorance, you may not have acquired the knowledge you have today.
Without sadness and depression, you might lack the care and compassion you have today.
Without experiencing what you do not want, you may not be so clear on what you do want.
Without painful endings, you may not have been led to that great beginning.

So whenever you’re feeling low, remember them.

Mariam Shittu

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