15 Things I’m Grateful For

Hello, hope you’re having a great day. September is almost over and the end of 2020 is getting closer. I know that so many things have happened this year that we may not be happy about but regardless we should still show gratitude.

I started journaling this year and when I remember that I have a journal (it’s a work in progress), I write three things I’m grateful for on that particular day. Doing this has helped me appreciate everything around me and it has given my life new meaning. Today, I felt like sharing some things I’m grateful for with you all. I hope this inspires you to share yours too.

I’m grateful to be alive today, in good health physically and mentally.

I’m grateful that I can articulate my thoughts into words.

I’m grateful that I’m living comfortably and not squatting.

I’m grateful that I have enough to care for myself and I don’t have to beg to get by.

I’m grateful for being able to give back to people in need and believing that spending money will bring more money my way.

I’m grateful that I still have a parent; my Dad, to be a baby to. Sometimes I call him just to rant and vent and wait for that fatherly wisdom and advise because I just want to hear his voice.

I’m grateful for love. For recognizing when it isn’t present and feeling its wholeness when it is. For choosing to love when I want to even when I’m not loved in return.

I’m grateful for knowledge. I can confidently say that I know more today than I did on this same day last year.

I’m grateful for growth and the continuous discovery of self. Every day is another opportunity to get to know me better and love me harder, and I’m grateful for the many revelations I’ve discovered. I’m grateful for accepting myself wholeheartedly and loving me in entirety.

I’m grateful for my family. As I grow older, I’ve come to realize that I’m lucky to have a closely connected family and I will never take it for granted.

I’m grateful for my friends; both the new ones and the old ones. I’m grateful for having them in my corner and the laughter we share when we’re together.  I’m also grateful for the time I steal every day to send voice notes to my friend who lives far away.

I’m grateful that I have my blog; my own space to write, vent, share and be myself wholly. Though I’ve been slacking a little lately, this space still means the world to me and I’ll always be glad I have it.

I’m grateful for music. It’s my go-to when I’m feeling low or high. It aids my creativity, elevates my mood, intensifies my exercises, and sometimes, puts me to sleep. I’m grateful to music for helping me get by every single day.

I’m grateful that I have a job I’m passionate about and a constant salary at the end of the month. I know a lot of people lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic and most haven’t found replacements till today.

I’m grateful for good health. Neither I nor my loved ones contracted coronavirus. I know the cases are rising again in different parts of the world and I hope we continue to be unaffected.

Life is constantly moving and it’s necessary to pause for a moment to appreciate what you have in your life that keeps you going.

Stay safe.

Mariam Shittu

3 thoughts on “15 Things I’m Grateful For

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  1. Amazing post hun
    Grateful for life
    Grateful for family and my amazing loved ones
    Am grateful for you in my corner❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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