Are You In A Funk? Here Are 10 Ways To Overcome It

Funks are the worst!

They creep up on you with no notice and bring you to an all-time low. Nothing feels great, and everything feels dull. You’re moping around, and it’s hard to explain precisely how you’re feeling. If you’ve been in a funk or are currently in one, it’s okay. It happens to everyone. You are not the only one feeling down without an explanation for how you feel so.

Funks should come and go. When they linger for too long, this poses a big problem; depression. We can’t be happy all the time, but we can be happy most of the time. I was in a funk recently, but thankfully, I knew what caused it. So, it was easier to get out of it. Most times, I write my way out of funks. If you’re not a writer, this may be hard for you, so I shared ten other ways to overcome funks below.

10 Ways To Overcome Funks

1. Get a Good Sweat Session: Exercising does a lot more for the body than helping you lose weight. It elevates your mood and keeps you preoccupied.

2. Have a Pamper Session: It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You can give yourself a little home facial, mani-pedi, wax etc. Better yet, you can go to the spa and spoil yourself or simply go to the salon to wash your hair.

3. Declutter & Clean Your Space: Decluttering has a way of making you feel lighter. It’s like you’re releasing the things you don’t need. Clean your space; change your sheets; move your furniture around. Trust me, these little things will have a big impact on your mood.

4. Listen To/Recite Affirmations: Recite some gratitude affirmations and declare the state of mind you want to be in. Affirmations are a powerful way to get out of funks. The more you say them, the more you believe them.

5. Yoga: The impact of yoga on our overall health is underrated. Besides the obvious benefits like weight loss and improved flexibility, yoga helps you focus on your breathing, clears your mind and removes any blockage you might be burying your soul.

6. Get Out of The House: Sometimes, all you need is fresh air. Staying indoors for too long can make you think of all sorts of things. Take a walk, visit a friend or stop by the store. Being outside is a good mood elevator.

7. Have a Cup of Tea: As a tea lover, I can confidently tell you that tea relaxes and soothes the soul. Have a cup of herbal tea. You can try stress relief or chamomile tea. These teas do the work. You can also brew your own tea. The process of cutting herbs and making our own concoction distracts your thoughts and lifts your spirits.

8. Watch TV/A Movie: A couple of episodes of a favourite tv show or movie can help you get out of a funk. It takes you into the lives of the actors and completely distracts you from your thoughts. Throw in a comedy with some comfort food and laugh your socks off.

9. Music: When all else fails, I turn to music. There’s a song for every mood and every feeling, just Google it. Dim the lights and listen to songs that resonate with you to make you feel better. However, be careful when selecting the songs because some can also make you feel worse. Make sure the songs you choose are helping and not hurting you.

10. Pray: Pray for healing. Pray for joy. Pray for peace. Pray!!!

I hope this post helped you.

Mariam Shittu

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  1. Such a timely post! All of these are so effective. #4 is a recent add for me that I now love and #8-10 are tried and true!

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