Places in Lagos| The Dining Room

The Dining Room offers a unique dining experience in Lagos. It’s a private dining space run by Artist and Scientist, a luxury catering company. I stopped by The Dining Room on the 4th of October with my brother, Luki and sister-in-law, Dee. Before our visit, we were looking for a new place for Sunday brunch and Dee hooked us up. We were excited to explore somewhere we had never been and I was more excited because I knew I’ll be writing a review soon.

Just like The Metaphor and The House, The Dining Room is a house that was converted to a restaurant. However, it’s more intimate and serene. It’s a minimalist, private and cozy space and you almost feel like you’re at home. The restaurant has two sitting areas; upstairs and downstairs. Call me bush but I love the air conditioner casing. At full capacity, the restaurant can most likely sit between thirty to forty people. I’d love to see the space booked for a private party. I’m sure that happens often.

As you can see from the menu below, The Dining Room serves authentic homemade meals. Their menu is specially curated and the restaurant offers a series of small to medium dishes which they boast are healthy and made with organic ingredients (no Maggi).

Since we visited during the weekend, we made our selections from the weekend menu below. The Dining Room offers a four-course meal during the weekend that’s switched up intermittently. You can imagine our reactions when we saw all we were going to have for brunch. There was no way in hell we were going to consume it all.

The weekend menu

I ordered the pineapple and ginger juice. Dee ordered a rosemary mimosa and Luki tried their zobo.

Our Drinks. From left to right: Zobo, Rosemary Mimosa & Pineapple & Ginger Juice

We started with the first course of course. I particularly enjoyed the parfait. Partly because though it tasted really good, it was healthy too. The waiter came by to ask if we were ready for our second course and we made our topping/side selections. I chose whipped cream with my pancakes while Dee and Luki had theirs with turkey bacon and honey.

Cinnamon, Apple, Yoghurt, and Granola Cluster Parfait
Pancakes (honey and bacon) & (whipped cream & berry sauce)

Then it was time for the third course, at this point, we were already full, but trust us to try everything. I put a bit of everything on my plate and dug in. Our fav from the dishes was the pasta followed closely by the potatoes, then the salad. If I’m being honest, everything we had was good. The only meal we didn’t fancy much was the chicken in coconut, cilantro lime sauce.

The Feast

Next came dessert which had a nice twist; crunchy and satisfying. Luki didn’t bother having his though, there was no space in his belly😂

Coconut ice cream with chin chin and coconut candy

The waiters came by frequently to check if we needed anything, wore their masks throughout and were never far in case we needed anything.W hen we were done, the owner/manager also came by to ask how our dining experience was. She raved with a smile while she gave us a brief history of the space, their healthier options and how everyone always says their portions are huge.

~ Zobo – N500
~ Rosemary Mimosa – N3,000
~ Pineapple and ginger juice – N1,200
~ 4 Course Brunch x3 – N49,500

Of course, we packed our leftovers to go

If you’re looking for a classy and unique dining experience in Lagos, then the dining room is a perfect choice. If you’re also looking for a feast for brunch, then you know where to go.

Mariam Shittu

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