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I had heard about Stories Lagos during the lockdown because it was one of the few secretly open restaurants. I know a couple of people that frequented either Stories or Circa just to be outside. The restaurant got sealed for violating the lockdown rules but it was reopened later. I like the name of the restaurant. I think it’s intriguing and I had thought about visiting at some point this year.

Last week, I finally stopped by Stories for lunch with my friend, J. It was a bright, hot and sunny day. It was difficult to spot the restaurant because there’s no signage outside and the gate had a sealed order written on it, so I drove past. I had to turn around then confirmed I was at the right place before the gates were opened and I drove in.

On arrival, I immediately liked how one could not see what was happening on the inside from the outside. To me, that’s a plus. Y’all forgive me but I couldn’t get a lot of photos in because it was busy for a weekday afternoon.

I thought this was cute and creative.

The restaurant occupies the ground floor of the building and has both outdoor and indoor sitting areas. Sitting outside wasn’t an option because the weather wasn’t friendly so we walked in. I especially loved the greenery in the space, the decor and the paintings of Lagos monuments and iconic buildings. I was in Stories Lagos after all. I also like the cutlery detail in the display of the name. Isn’t it so cute?

I found the menu to be very basic and safe, which is always better than listing meals that won’t come out great. It had a mix of local and intercontinental dishes in every meal category so there’s something for everyone.

For drinks, I ordered my fave Soda Water and a shot of lemon juice while J asked for Porn Starn Martini and a bottle of water.
For starters, we ordered the Mixed Grill to share.
For mains, I ordered the Pasta Seafood Arabiata. J ordered the Jacky Rice but asked for a switch from plain Basmati rice to Jollof.

Mixed Grill
Seafood Arabiata
Jacky rice with a twist

The starter was okay; I’m not sure it could have been any better since it was meat pieces. My pasta didn’t have the mussels in it but I didn’t bother complaining. It was tasty and I ate it all. J thought the Goat Meat Stew was basic and ate only half of his meal. If I wasn’t so stuffed, I’d have tried it.

Our orders took forever to be ready. J was so hungry, he was already getting cranky, lol. Only one waiter was serving the entire indoor space and she was overwhelmed. The staff were masked up, courteous and friendly though, and our waiter kept apologizing about the delay.

~ Water – 500
~ Soda water – 500
~ Mixed Grill – N8,000
~ Pornstar Martini – N4,500
~ Jacky Rice – N6,500
~ Pasta Arabiata – N8,000
*no additional taxes

On our way out, the sun had calmed down and there were quite a number of people seated outdoors. Stories Lagos is an ideal place for a quick meeting or meal during the day and to unwind in the evening. I’d love to stop by again soon definitely in the evening.

P.S. this is not a sponsored post. All opinions expressed were not influenced.

Mariam Shittu

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