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The Shed is a fine dining restaurant in Lekki, Phase 1, Lagos, that began operations in April 2022. Unlike most restaurants, The Shed is open on Mondays but closed on Tuesdays. I stopped by the restaurant for dinner with my family, and here’s how it went.

The restaurant occupies the entire ground floor of the building with both outdoor and indoor sitting options. There are four sitting areas indoors: by the bar, opposite the bar, main dining, and private dining. It’s a vibrant space with bright coloured furniture and interesting pieces of art and designs plastered all over. One can tell that a lot of attention was paid to the decor to make the place come alive. I particularly loved how bright it was even in the nighttime, unlike most places that have a dull hue. So, of course, I brought my phone out to take lots of pictures.

The food menu is categorised into eleven sections. Each section has between two to seven meal options, so there’s a variety to choose from. It took us a while to make our decisions, so we got drinks first. I asked for fresh watermelon juice and soda water. My brother, Luki, asked for water and my sister, Lateefah ordered the Berry Watermelon Crush.

For starters, Luki chose Oxtail Soup,  I chose The Fresh House Salad, and Lateefah chose Crispy Duo. For mains, I chose Lamb Chops, Luki chose Argentina Rib Steak, and Lateefah chose William Whoppa Choppa Burger with homemade french fries.

While we waited for our orders, we were served complimentary starters. Our starters arrived soon, and it was time to eat.

Complimentary starter
Oxtail soup
House salad
Crispy Duo

Luki said the soup was nice, but not as tasty as he would have liked it. It felt like something was missing. Lateefah’s starter was definitely crispy as the name says and I liked the fruit sauce it was served in. It was yummy. The house salad was creamier than I thought it’ll be, but it was fresh and different from your regular salad.

Lamb Chops
Argentina Steak and sauteed potatoes
William Burger

Our main meals arrived one after the other. A distinct thing we noticed about our meals was how they were presented. They all looked inviting and we couldn’t wait to dig in.

The Lamb Chops were juicy and sweet. I wish it didn’t have a sweet taste, otherwise, every other thing was great. I tried as much as possible to get every meat out of the bones lol.

Luki enjoyed his steak and had no complaints. The sauteed potatoes were perfect.

Lateefah was sceptical about the colour of her burger’s bun, but as she took a bite of it, all her worries faded. The burger is the juiciest and tastiest burger I’ve ever had. The bun on its own didn’t taste like regular bread, it was baked in-house and seasoned.

We ended the night with an Apple Souffle Tart with Vanilla ice cream.

Apple Souffle Tart with vanilla scoop

As we arrived, our reservation was confirmed, and we were ushered to a table of our choosing. A waitress was assigned to us, and she was helpful when we asked questions about the meal options and was available whenever needed. The owner came by a couple of times to check in, and she was interested in our honest feedback. The restaurant is on a busy street in Lekki, and the only available parking costs N1,000 in a gated car park across the building. However, some flies disrupted our dinner.

Watermelon Juice ~ 4,000
Soda Water ~ 3,500
Still Water ~ 2,000
Berry Watermelon Crush ~ 8,500
Oxtail Soup ~ 10,000
Fresh House Salad ~ 9,900
Crispy Duo ~ 8,500
Lamb Chops ~ 21,500
Argentina Rib Steak ~ 26,000
William Burger ~ 16,600
Homemade French Fries ~ 3,000
Apple Souffle Tart with vanilla scoop ~ 5,500
Taxes of 20,825 was added to our bill. So, our total bill was 139,825.00

Food – ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Service – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Ambience – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Overall Experience – 7

The Shed is an ideal restaurant for date night.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions expressed were not influenced.

Mariam Shittu

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