If We Were Having Tea #7

If We Were Having Tea, I’d squeal with joy to be next to you. It’d feel like I won the lottery and I didn’t need to work again to make a living. I’d be as consoled as a baby being fed after crying so much for food. Gosh, a lot has happened since we last had tea and I definitely know one meeting will not be enough.

If We Were Having Tea, I’d give you a recap of the past eight months. Adulting has been more complicated than ever, and I’ve cried for you a lot of times. Things would have been much better if you were still around. Inflation is kicking me in the butt, and work has been busier than ever. I thought I was juggling everything well, but I’m practising a new thing of being brutally honest with myself. I’m struggling now, and it’s telling on my work and health. I’m also not writing as much as I’d like, and we both know that’s not a good thing.

If We Were Having Tea, I’d tell you about all the baby time you’re missing at the moment. The twins are so adorable, and they’ve brought sunshine into all our lives. We often talk about how much you’d have spoilt them rotten and showered them with love. We wish you lived to see them, but we’re certain we’ll tell them all about you when they’re much older. I never knew I’d be a hit at bathing babies and changing dirty diapers, but I am 😂

If We Were Having Tea, I’d tell you about the things I’ve always wanted to do that I ticked off the list this year. I finally got my health check done. I spent last year talking about it and not doing it, but I’ve finally done it. I’ve been ordered to eat more fruits and veggies, and I have a cocktail of meds and herbs, but I’d be fine. I’m also getting my eyebrows done soon. The session has been booked, and I’m a bit nervous about it, but I’m going to trust that the professional will do what she does best. I’m still managing to save and invest some untouchable money regardless of my increased expenditure. Sure you’d be proud of me.

If We Were Having Tea, I’d tell you how scared I am to make two decisions that I need to make. We both know I’ve never been the best at decision-making because of my overthinking ways. But lately, I’ve felt like everything is moving too fast, and I wish I could pause for a moment to breathe. I hope to do this when I take some time off work in my favourite month.

If We Were Having Tea, I’d hug you right now and cry my heart out not wanting this moment to end.

Love you & miss you always
Mariam A.K.A your baby

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