Dear 2023: A Letter To You

Dear 2023,

I welcomed you solemnly, not precisely where I wanted to be and doing what I wanted to be doing. It’s been ten days of renewed energy, fear, happiness, confusion, wonder, validation and love. You’re gradually moving fast with no caution, and I’m trying to keep up with your pace.

Though I didn’t love how you started, I’ve embraced you with open arms and a level of positivity and confidence I’ve never held in a new year. I’ve been intentional about how I spend each day, and I’m not mistaking you for 2022 as I’ve often done in the past when writing dates in January.

I wish to journal more. The problem is that I always need to remember my journal exists, and I hope I remember this year. I’m so used to writing on my notes app and my laptop; to be entirely honest, it’s just easier. Funny how I enjoy reading my journal entries and going back in time to what was happening, but I still forget to write new entries.

I want to give more. I’ve been more intentional about giving in the past years, but I want to take it up a notch this year. I want to provide money, resources, time, and skills. And when you end, I want to be proud of how many lives I touched, businesses I helped, systems I changed, and processes I built.

I want to heal. I’d like to get my health and fitness right. I don’t want to be sick, and I don’t want to be tired all the time. I don’t want to nurse an unspoken illness, and I don’t want to feel mentally weak, physically unfit and emotionally withdrawn. I’d like my health game to be on a hundred, and I believe I can achieve that.

Of course, I want to write more. Writing is the best way I express myself, and it’s one thing I enjoy more than anything else. You know how much it brings me joy, and I never want to stop it. I want to write about anything and everything, not just because I remember that I need to publish a blog post, but because I want it to be relatable. I want my experiences and knowledge to help other people.

I’m looking forward to all the goodness you are bringing my way. I know there’ll be some sad and challenging times. I know I will worry, shed a few tears and feel like life is unfair because it’s inevitable, but I know I will pull through as I’ve always done.

Please, be good to me.

Mariam Shittu

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  1. Here’s to all the joy and happiness 2023 will bring! Here’s to journaling more, giving more, writing more, and healing! Cheers, boo. 🥂


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