How To Get Your Fitness Groove Back

The holidays are long gone, so it’s time to get your fitness grove back. After weeks of partying, stuffing your face with food and celebrating Christmas and new year with family and friends, you may have added a few pounds, like me.

I like to exercise regularly, but sometimes I drop the ball, which is normal. Reducing your exercise from four times a week to twice a week is okay sometimes, but the issue is when you ignore exercising totally. When this happens, I really let myself go, and I may not workout for a month. Getting back to the groove is always difficult when this happens.

Regular and consistent exercise helps us stay healthy and can even help us manage stress and anxiety. It makes me appreciate myself more, the routine gives me something to look forward to every week, and my progress makes me extremely happy.

This new year, I’ve had to get back to exercising again, and it’s been a bit challenging, but by the third week, I think I’m back to having exercise as part of my regular schedule. So, keep at it if you’re struggling to get back to your usual strength level because you’ll get grooving in no time. If you’ve not yet started exercising this year yet, you better get to it.

Below are a few suggestions to help you get your fitness groove back.

Start Slow

You can start with yoga, pilates or light walks. Don’t go on a 10km run immediately and feel sore and tired for the rest of the week. It’s better to ease into it and build your strength gradually.

Remember Your Why

Why are you working out? Is it to fit into your old dress or work clothes like me, or is it for health reasons? Focus on your why, as this will propel you to return to it.

Record Your Progress

Remember to document your weekly or bi-weekly progress. Seeing your weight reduction on a scale or a difference in your size with a measuring tape may just be the motivation you need.

Get A Workout Buddy

Sometimes, doing this with a friend is better than doing it alone. Compete with a friend, set a daily step goal or go to the gym with someone else. Having a workout buddy means you get to keep each other focused and accountable. Make sure this person is serious about their fitness goals and not someone that’ll drag you down.

Buy New Gym Wear or Equipment

A new gym outfit is always a good idea. Treat yourself to something new and watch it motivate you to get moving. It doesn’t have to be clothing; you can also get new gloves, skipping rope, dumbbells or even a water bottle.

There’s proof that exercising makes one live longer so this investment is beneficial to us. Don’t forget to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water as this helps you stay energized during your workouts.

Cheers to hitting our fitness goals this year 🥂

Mariam Shittu

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