10 Things I Learnt in January 2023

January 2023 was a mix of “this month is fast” and “when is this month going to end?” for me. I was mostly busy from the second week, and life didn’t give me any break from adulting.

Now, January 2023 is gone, but here are ten lessons I learnt during the month.

1. ) Just because something worked out for someone in a particular way doesn’t mean the same process will work for you too. You may go through a hard time when it’s your turn.

2.) You don’t have to listen to or accept every piece of advice you receive.

3.) Babies have a way of making you forget your troubles with their chubby cheeks, innocence and milestones. Make sure you enjoy the pure moments with them as often as you can because they change daily.

4.) You cannot change someone who does not see an issue with their bad actions. Some people are set in their ways, and they can’t change no matter how hard you try.

5.) Accepting help from people who care about you and love you is okay.

6.) Growth is a dance, not a light switch. Be easy on yourself.

7.) Closure isn’t always a good thing. Some things are better left undisturbed and unaddressed.

8.) If you can attach, you can detach.

9.) You have to keep busy. Get moving. Get working. Hustle. Survive. Time waits for no one.

10.) There’s a big difference between how you feel about someone and how the person makes you feel. How they make you feel is more important.

Have a great February and check out January 2023 blog posts.

Mariam Shittu

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