BOOKS| How To Get Things Done Without Trying Too Hard

Do you admire people who seem to achieve the most in life? The ones who get things done, make everything look easy, always meet deadlines and never seem to be struggling, well, I do too. According to Richard Templar, the book’s author, these people don’t have superpowers; instead, they have learnt techniques, strategies and skills to get things done. Richard Templar has picked up a lot of skills to get things done without trying too hard from different people he has come across, and he shared 105 of them in this book.

I first read this book in 2019, but I read it again last month. It’s one of those you can always pick up, browse through and take something away to apply to your current situation.

What I Liked

  • Writing style: The writing style is descriptive, and I felt like he was talking to me or about me most of the time. The references were relatable, and the suggestions were practical.
  • Text: the text is simple, short, precise and straight to the point.
  • Engagement: The book is engaging and far from boring. Every new page is a different chapter.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Content Arrangement: 105 skills is a lot to learn at a go. I wish the book was split into a series. Also, some of the skills are repetitive or interwoven. Grouping them would have been great.
  • Notes/Workbook: Since the book is filled with techniques, each chapter should have provided a workbook on how to apply them to our lives.

My Top 10 Skills From The Book

1.) You Can and You Can’t

2.) Have a Routine

3.) Don’t Panic

4.) Know Your Best Time

5.) Invest now, save later

6.) Be Assertive

7.) Write Lists

8.) Visualize The Finished Thing

9.) Don’t Do Everything Yourself

10.) Know where you’re going and what you’re doing

We all know that deliberate practice makes us better at whatever we’re trying to improve. If we don’t work on it, we will not attain the change we desire. So take a moment each day to do something towards this, and in no time, you will be better (good) at it.

By organising your thoughts, words, space, time, work and goals, you will organise your life.

Mariam Shittu

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