6 Ways To Keep Your Life Organized

Organizing is a core principle everyone should embody because good order is the foundation of all things. It makes everything simpler and it makes life easier. If you have tried to stay organized and it just seems impossible, remember that things seem impossible until they are done.

Organizing is a big part of my life. Everyone that knows me knows that I have an organizing system that works for me. To be honest, I’m not sure where I picked it up but I guess it’s from my Mum. She taught me almost everything I know and I’m glad I didn’t overlook this like some of my siblings.  I’m feeling generous today so I am sharing a few ways you can get things done to stay organized. Try to do the things on this list and see how your life will change for the better.

1. Have A To-do List: You may think making lists is hard and time-consuming but it’s actually a lie. It is one of the easiest things to do. You are only writing down the things you need to do today, tomorrow, this week or this month down. Why is it essential to write these things down you may ask. Well, it’s to remind yourself of getting them done and striking them off when you actually get them done to make you feel some sense of accomplishment. A trick to your to-do list is to put the easier things at the top so you’re motivated to continue striking things off your list. I have always worked with a to-do list. At work, I write my tasks for the week down and I use it as a guide to get things done.

mariamhittu.com.6 Tips To Keep Your Life Organized

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2. Pick Out Clothes For The Week: To make your weekday mornings run smoother, why not choose your outfits for the week during the weekend and iron them too? I learned this in secondary school. Yes, you guessed right, I went to boarding school and I used to lay out my clothes the night before even my underwear. Now that I’m an adult, I plan for the week and throw in two extra outfits in case I change my mind. I get to stay in bed longer and I don’t have to go through the process of looking for what to wear and ironing every day of the week.

mariamshittu.com.6 Tips To Keep Your Life Organized

3. Organize Your Desktop/Computer Files: Do you ever find yourself looking for things on your computer that are not missing? Well, this happens because your documents and files are not organized. An easy way to do this is to create folders and separate your files into these folders. Also, make sure the folders are titled in a way that you can easily remember what’s in them. For instance, all your photos can be saved under a folder named photos. In the same folder, you can create subfolders and organize your photos according to the countries they were taken in or the years they were taken and so on. It just makes life easier and makes your desktop tidy.

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4. Stop Procrastinating: Instead of putting things to later, why not do them down? The pots and dishes in the sink, wash them. The full trash you have been staring at since yesterday, take it out. Lay your bed immediately you get out of it in the morning.  The article you are scheduled to write, write it now. Most often than not, you get things done when you do them now.

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5. Make A Shopping List: When I’m buying groceries or replacing household items, I have always shopped with a list. It’s just easier. It makes you remember everything you need to get. I start making a list as soon things need to be replaced and the list gets fuller every day. I keep this list in the notes app on my phone because my phone is always close to me so I can edit the list as soon as I remember to add something. And even when I forget to buy something the day I eventually go to the store because it wasn’t on the list, it will definitely be on the next list.

6. Have A Packing List: Trust me, this is not extra. Packing is so much simpler if you’re just working through a list without having to think much.  I have a permanent packing list which I update whenever I am travelling or going away for the weekend. The permanent list has the essentials that I will need no matter how long I am packing for. These include; toiletries, underwear, gym wear, etc. Then I update the list a few days before I’m scheduled to go so when I am packing, I have everything I need.

mariamhittu.com.6 Tips To Keep Your Life Organized

Which of these tips are you imbibing today?

Mariam Shittu



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  1. Great list! I always have to have some type of to do list to keep my day organized. On the other hand, I do need to clean up my computer files more often. Thanks for sharing! 😊💜

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