It’s My Day

It’s been a long time coming
The day is finally here
My day
A day I’m not sharing 

Everyone is here for me
Well for us
My day
A day I feel special

My name is on everyone’s lips
Well our names
My day
A day I will always remember 

I am dancing away my sorrows
Happy to start my forever
My day
A day I bear a new name

I am crying tears of joy
Looking around in awe
My day
A day I feel happiest 

All my friends are here
To stare and wish me well
My day
A day I look the prettiest 

I’m happy I found you
I can’t stop smiling
My day
A day I have no worries

Two have become one
I’m glad I chose you
Our day 
A day we get our happily ever after

Written by Mariam Shittu

12 thoughts on “It’s My Day

  1. “A day I bear a new name” well not when you marry someone with the same Lastname as yours 😬.#GoodPiece

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