STYLE|Workchic: Nude & Radiant

It’s Friday!!! time for my personal style post. Today’s post is about how I styled my special nude shirt and nude shoes pictured below.

It’s so cool when I can wear shirts easily in Lagos without worrying about sweat. We’ve had good weather recently and even when the sun shines it’s not mean.

These pieces have been with me for some time as usual. I bought the shoes in 2013, the skirt in 2015 and the top is a more recent buy, 2016.

I love the bead and pearl detail of the collar of the shirt and the fabric is a very soft kind of chiffon so it’s easy breezy. Also, this shirt is not your regular chiffon shirt. It has a secret I’m gonna share with you.

The shirt has a hidden placket and two extra concealed buttons to prevent gaping in the bust area. Every girl hates the embarrassing bra flashes we have to endure with some shirts so this style idea is everything!!!

The skirt is one half of a crop and skirt co-ord set I bought when co-ords were trending. I have since given my sister the top and I’ve been wearing the skirt by itself since then. I have two nude shoes but this one is more workish so it comes out to play only once in a while.

I thought this was a bright and subtle look at the same time. What do you think of today’s style post?

Outfit Details;

Shirt ~ Marks And Spencer

Skirt ~ Boohoo

Shoes ~ Forever 21

Thanks for reading and have an amazing weekend.

Mariam Shittu

17 thoughts on “STYLE|Workchic: Nude & Radiant

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  1. Hidden buttons, that got me “the people want to spoil market for boys”. But it’s good tho, I see how some guys get really edgy when the bra flashing thing happens. And the outfit look wonderful on you.

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